What Does It Feel Like Wearing a Vibrating Panty in Public?

Have you ever tried getting intimate in public? Does that sound too kinky for you? Well, intimate pleasures are definitely a private affair and it’s better to save it for your private corners. But, do you know there are some absolutely discreet sex toys that can allow you to indulge in all those naughty pleasures without raising eyebrows? Yes, you heard it right. And one of the best of such toys is none other than vibrating panties. It simply feels out of the world to wear vibrating panty in public. The slight hesitation of indulging in forbidden fun in public mixed with the buzzing pleasure of vibrator creates a truly delicious concoction.

A few words about vibrating panties

These are panties fitted with tiny bullet vibrators. Some of these vibrators are removable and can be attached to other panties as well. But some models come with in-built non-removable vibrators as well. But, how do you make the vibrators buzz? Well, these are not like handheld vibrators which put all the stress on your hand. Rather, you have a remote control machine this time that lets you control the game like a boss.

A vibrator panty makes the buzz game really easy and super-fun. Your task is to wear the panty and then you are good to go. You can man the remote control yourself but it would definitely be more exciting if you let your partner control the entire game. Some of these remote controls work through smartphone app. It means if your partner downloads the app in his mobile, he will be able to control you even if you two are miles apart from each other.

Ideas to have fun with vibrating panty

Get naughtier on date night

Do you two have plans for a naughty romantic date sometime soon? You might be planning to commence the date with a candlelight dinner, followed by steamy actions in between the sheets. Well, in that case, make sure to wear the vibrating panty on your date night. The remote will be in the hands of your partner and he will play it as per his whims and fancies. How about getting surprised with bouts of stimulation after every few bites and sips? Sounds exciting, isn’t it? You bet.

The buzzy game during the dinner will be great to set the mood for bold adventures afterwards. It will set the prelude to a passionate foreplay which will gradually culminate into a complete orgasmic sex for both of you.

Go bold on movie date

Have you ever tried to get intimate in the dark of a movie theater? Well, who hasn’t- but there is always the risk of getting caught in movie halls. But, you won’t have such issues with a vibrating panty. Just wear it to the movie theater and don’t forget to carry the remote control with you. If your partner is going with you, let him control the remote so that both of you can enjoy the fun together.  These buzzy tools don’t create noise while working and shower you in strong orgasmic delights every now and then. The only thing is you will have to prevent yourself from moaning and screaming in delight with each out of orgasm.

Get ready for action after office

Won’t it be great to welcome your man in your super sexy avatar right after he returns from a long tiring day in office? Well, he would be elated with this gesture and it will create some of the most unforgettable moments for you two. Your vibrating panty would be really handy here to prepare you for your sexy adventures. Let the remote control be with your man. This way, he can stimulate you whenever something will remind you of him while in office. And frequent bouts of orgasm (controlled by him) will prepare you to set the stage for a full-on steamy night just after he gets back home.

Get naughty while shopping

Have you ever thought of indulging in intimate actions while going out for shopping? Well, malls or supermarkets don’t give out those vibes that can actually evoke the mood to get bold and adventurous. In fact, after a point of time, these places become really boring.

But, you can make your market sprees even more memorable and fun with vibrating panties. Wear the vibrating panty as you go out to shopping. Your partner can stay at home or go out with you with the remote control handy. If he doesn’t go out with you, you will need to get the app-controlled vibrating panties which can be controlled from any distance.

In fact, it would be better if he is not with you. This way, he can surprise you with steamy indulgences at his will. There is something extremely sexy about being titillated all out of the blue. Let it be a mystery game to you which you will have to explore step by step.

Winding up

We will wind up the discussion with a few important tips on how to buy your vibrating panty. First of all, do not buy the panty in a rush. The toy is really alluring no doubt but a hasty action might end up with wrong selection. So, the best thing is to proceed with a comparative study on at least 5-6 such toys before you make the final call. You will need to take some time out for research here. Make a shortlist of some of the popular toys in the market and run a comparative study on them. You should get the toys manufactured by leading brands only. The one you will choose should be backed by rave reviews and expert ratings. Lovegasm online has received very positive reviews because of their outstanding products, so we want you to check them out.

You should also check the number of vibration patterns and settings available with your panty. The more, the merrier. Also, take care of the range of the remote control device. If you and your partner are in a long-distance relationship, go for an app-controlled one that can be manned from anywhere in the world.