How to Dress Sexy for Your Man

When it comes to fashion tips, we all know the basics:

  • Always wear clothes that fit you;
  • Wear whatever you want as long as it makes you happy.

Those are the two principles of fashion, right? No, of course not.

Fashion is something that’s both subjective and objective. So we may stick to the main fashion principles and still look the way we intended to. That’s why dressing sexy and dressing sexy for your man are two completely different beasts.

When it comes to the fashion men love, some women might think all they have to do is accentuate their assets. Put on some sexy lingerie and high heels and call it a day, right?

Well, not really. When it comes to clothing that’s attractive to men, there’s more to it than just frilly, lacy thongs and bras. Men find a lot of things attractive. Sometimes, it’s a woman who smells good; other times, it’s one who’s in an oversized shirt with bare feet. Of course, you can rarely go wrong with a pretty dress.

So with so many options to choose from, how does one dress sexy for their man?

Discover What He Thinks Is ‘Sexy’

The recipe is simple. If you want to be sexy to your man, you have to be sexy FOR him. That means that your look has to reflect his interests. Of course, the main catch is that it also has to reflect YOUR interests.

If you’re unhappy with how you look or feel uncomfortable in the clothes you’re wearing, that will be noticeable. So make sure you don’t neglect what you want just for the sake of pleasing someone else.

With that said, let’s see how you can actually figure out what your man likes.

Ask Questions (to Get Those Sexy Ideas)

The easiest way to figure out what drives your man wild is to ask him. Look, men are simple creatures. They don’t really excel in the art of subtle suggestion. So we can’t expect them to give or take hints.

Instead of trying to find out if a particular item of clothing is turning your man on or off, just ask him. Use direct questions and try to get detailed answers from him. Sure, it might kill a bit of mystery, but then again, just imagine how pleased you both will be once he tells you what he likes and then you actually give it to him (pun intended).

Pay Attention

We don’t always have time for long, candid conversations. What’s more, you probably aren’t able to think of all the questions you want to ask your man on the spot (at least when it comes to sexy clothes).

Therefore, option #2 is to pay attention to his reactions. What does he look for? What does he respond to? Are there any particular items of clothing that you’ve worn that he’s complimented heavily?

Men sometimes lie to their girlfriends or wives because they don’t think any answer besides “amazing” is an acceptable one when asked, “How does this look?” However, they’ll rarely enthusiastically compliment an outfit unprompted if they don’t really like that.

Paying attention to his cues (that aren’t really cues) will help you dress sexy for your man.

Bring Him Shopping

At the end of the day, you can just take him shopping with you. That way, he can show you what he likes and be the one who makes all the decisions.

How to Dress Sexy For Him

The sexiest thing a woman can wear is confidence. So never forget that although you’re dressing sexy for him, you’re also doing it for yourself. Make sure you’re comfortable and confident.

In the Bedroom

If you’re looking to drive your man wild in the bedroom, you have several options.

  • Casual Girl Next Door

If you’re not a fan of lace and satin pieces, you can stick to casual wear and still make it sexy. Pick a tight pair of booty shorts and throw on one of his dress shirts. Men love seeing women in their clothing. Keep the makeup to the bare minimum.

  • Lingerie Goddess

Lingerie is always sexy. No man can say no when faced with some lace! A lingerie look is an excellent option because lingerie is versatile. If you aren’t the biggest fan of tight, bright, lacy garments, you can go for long, silky, neutral gowns and attire. Alternatively, you can also pick the girly options that are more cute than sexy. Style your hair and put on some makeup to complete the look.

  • Dressup Queen

Role-playing means dressup. That might sound complicated, but it’s actually the easiest out of the three options. Each theme has specific outfits that fit it, and all you have to do is stick to that. You can also go the prop route and just pick a one-piece fishnet outfit. That will make your look exotic and daring.

Out of the House

When it comes to clothes outside of the bedroom, the options are plentiful. But that’s kind of the problem. Women have enough difficulty picking an outfit without having to consider someone else’s opinion. So how can a woman dress sexy for her man when they are going out?

The principles are pretty much the same. Think of the things you know he likes. If your man is a dress man, then you might consider letting him feast his eyes on you in a lovely, fancy dress the next time you guys go for a date night. Alternatively, if he likes seeing you in pants more, then put on your tightest pair.

Some men don’t pay that much attention to outfits. If that’s the case with your partner, you probably think there isn’t much you can do. However, that’s not exactly true. Try something daring like going commando or putting on sexy underwear underneath whichever outfit you chose. Then, tell him about it after you’re already out of the house. That will definitely keep him thinking about you the entire evening. He’ll barely be able to wait to take you home!

At the End of Day, You Should Be Comfortable

Making your partner happy and dressing the way they like brings a specific kind of satisfaction to us. However, never forget that you aren’t obligated to please anyone other than yourself. That goes for clothing as much as it does for anything else in your life. Your partner, if they are supportive, will find you sexy no matter what you’re wearing.