Fashionistas: Movie Review

When world famous designer Antonio (Rocco Siffredi) decides to branch into S&M styles, he finds himself working with Helena’s (Taylor St. Clair) company, Fashionistas while one of his leading dealers (Caroline Pierce) keeps telling him the line is going to bomb since stores will be afraid to sell the new clothing line. Although Helena guides Antonio’s journey into the world of S&M, he’s most intrigued by Jesse (BellaDonna), the computer geek at Fashionistas. He’s also intrigued by the girl he finds in the Easter Eggs Jesse builds into the DVDs that Fashionistas sends him with commercials for different styles. Everything starts to crash together when Antonio learns that Jesse and the girl in the videos are one and the same.

Sharon Wild, Emma, Nicole Love, and Gia start things out on the runway. They prance up and down before fetishwear-clad Taylor St. Clair beats her way to the stage with her riding crop and rips the clothes off the girls with the help of Fashionistas Paula, Chelsea Blue, and Vixen Sweet. The Fashionistas takes over the show to model their fetishwear, as well as spray painting their logo over the top of the logo of Rocco’s company and making an appeal for them to hook up to really make something special. There isn’t any lesbian action here, but there is a nice tease in several ways. You’re teased with the girls bodies, you’re teased with a plot, and you’re dang near teased with a mainstream movie feel. It’s a great opening to the feature that drew me in right away.

After Taylor St. Clair warms up fetishwear clad and magically bootie-licious bleached blonde beauty Kate Frost’s ass with a spanking, Rocco comes in to spank her a little more and finger and eat her pussy and ass from behind. He moves on to fuck Kate’s pussy from behind, as she never moves from all fours until Rocco pulls her up. Rocco wraps her rubber thong around his cock for part of the time while he fucks her, and lifts her up to admire and play with a bit more of her body in the middle of the scene. After some sixty-nining and fucking in a few common positions, Rocco goes back for a little oral action. He throat fucks Kate and has her eat his ass before going back to fucking her. He fucks her pussy from behind and then works on her ass with his tongue, fingers, and Kate’s silver vibe before giving it one last lick and plunging his cock into it. He fucks Kate’s ass doggie style before pile driving her pussy and finally coming on her face after covering her mouth with her outfit. It’s an amazingly hot scene that’s every bit as good as I hoped. Kate absorbs Rocco’s intensity amazingly well, and never seems uncomfortable for a single second.

Rocco and Kate are joined at the last moment by Taylor St. Clair, who puts a nice spin on the entire scene. The spin shows just how great a movie maker Stagliano is. It’s a completely obvious spin that you can see from almost before the scene begins, yet it feels perfect when it hits. I can’t help but think of a comment a friend of mine made years ago about comedies. He told me that the sign of a true comic master is one where even though you can see the punchline coming from a mile away, you still find it amazingly funny. The same thing can be said for John’s movie making skills here.

Bella dances in front of a mirror while checking herself out. As she dances, she also has a video of Star Chandler dominating her going on the plasma screen TV in the background. In the video, Bella shows off her jeweled buttplug, and is spanked quite a bit before Taylor St. Clair arrives. Taylor plays with herself a little while watching Bella before approaching her. She grabs Bella by the ponytail and has her worship her shoes before eating her pussy and ass. Taylor even smothers Bella a bit before letting Bella roughly suck Taylor’s amazing tits. After waiting so long, Bella finally gets something in return, as Taylor quickly works her up to four fingers as well as fucking her ass with a acrylic dildo. Taylor finishes things up working Bella’s ass over with a huge acrylic dildo that she can barely wrap her hand all the way around or put in Bella’s mouth. Not surprisingly, Bella and Taylor have great chemistry that makes this another extremely hot scene. It also moves along at a very nice pace and nicely blends the action on the TV with the action between Taylor and Bella.

Next up, Rocco takes on fetishwear-clad Sharon Wild and Friday. Sharon takes Rocco deep into her throat repeatedly while Friday tongues Rocco’s ass. Rocco moves on to fuck each girl’s pussy in a couple positions before they’re joined by Taylor St. Clair, who appears in a great red latex one piece outfit. Taylor slaps Rocco around a bit before smothering him between her magnificent melons and with her ass and having him eat her pussy and ass. Taylor also has Friday ride and smother Rocco’s face while Sharon rides him cowgirl style before taking him for herself. She warms him up orally, including a little sixty nine, before Rocco gets a little bit dominant on Taylor before he spanks her and fucks her from behind. They move on with a little reverse cowgirl, where Rocco rips apart Taylor’s outfit, before she lays back for Rocco to eat and fuck her more. He fucks her ass and gives her a couple ass to mouths. There are a couple cuts in some of the ass to mouth sequences, but some look to be cut after Taylor’s tongue touches Rocco’s cock and some are uncut. Finally, Taylor sucks Rocco to an impressive pop on her face. Needless to say, it’s a great scene. Taylor and Sharon both match Rocco’s intensity amazingly well, which goes a long way to making this a winner of a scene. Also, anybody who liked the face-sitting segments in Face Dance Part 1 and Face Dance Part 2 should love this scene. There’s plenty of great face sitting close-ups, and John does a great job of mixing close-ups and distance shots. This scene wraps up the first DVD, and ends it in great style.

Rocco finds that Bella put some special Easter eggs on his promo DVD in the first scene of the second DVD. Bella takes on Mark Ashley and Billy Glide while wearing a clear buttplug, with Rocco choosing which fetish to watch when. Rocco starts out watching Mark and Bella work over Bella’s feet before moving on to her pussy with their fingers and a few clothespins. The guys work over Bella’s ass with a few toys, and lets her taste her own ass as well. Rocco moves on to Bella’s tits next, which the guys break out the closepins for, before moving to Bella’s mouth. You can tell who has a little knowledge of S&M and who doesn’t here. Billy Glide nicely puts clothespins all the way on, while Mark puts just the tip of each clothespin on Bella’s lips, which increases the pain of the situation greatly. Finally, Bella sucks both cocks with no shortage of energy until they come on her mask. It’s a very good scene with a unique feel. Having Rocco decide on the screen what to watch when gives the feature a very different feel, and Bella’s playing to the camera also works extremely well. The only parts that didn’t do much for me due to some of the inexperience that the guys show, which many people won’t even notice.

As part of a fetish fashion show, black masked Kane manhandles his real life wife Casee on stage. He pulls her around a bit on the stage, spanks her incessantly, and even flogs her a little. It’s a scene that I can see disturbing some people, but it’s nicely done. Anybody who feels a little nervous about this scene should make sure to listen to the commentary, as it lets you know just how much Casee is into it.

Later in the show, BellaDonna is wheeled onto the stage by Brandon Iron, both of whom are hooded. Brandon puts clips on Bella’s nipples before taunting her with a jelly dildo and having her swallow it. He never fucks her with it, but she does have her jeweled buttplug in. It’s another nice little scene that adds a lot to the actual movie.

Rocco, Manuel Ferrara, and Caroline Pierce explore the back room of the S&M club next. They find many people being flogged, spanked, clipped (such as Tricia Devereaux), and restrained. You can see that Rocco’s immediately very interested in the action and has some experience, while Caroline comes across as being very interested, yet new to it all. Rocco holds her down so her ass can get flogged, as well as helping her get shocked with a wand and pushing her head down on Brandon Iron’s cock. Caroline’s finally taken to a back room where she’s dominated by Rocco and Manuel while Brandon Iron fucks Monique. Rocco never fucks Caroline, either with his cock or with the myriad of toys around them. He leaves Caroline to Manuel, who continues with her treatment.

Manuel locks Caroline in the cage and skull fucks her before letting her out to eat her holes. Manuel lets Caroline eat his cock and ass a little more before fucking her from behind. They continue to take breaks for oral action and other foreplay between positions, including a little anal fingering for Caroline, before she sucks and strokes Manuel to a decent facial. It’s an extremely hot scene with great chemistry. As great as it is, I can’t help but to slightly not like it because I couldn’t help but feel that Manuel was trying to be a Rocco clone. Yes, they have the same style, and maybe it’s due to the amazing presence Rocco has at the beginning of the scene, but I couldn’t shake the feeling throughout the scene. Luckily, Manuel is damn good at it which makes all the difference.

As Manuel works over Caroline, Brandon Iron takes care of black beauty Monique, who’s done up with gold and black horse fetishwear that looks great on her. They start with more than a little oral before Brandon fucks her from behind. He works her ass over with a toy and finally gives her a nice facial. You don’t get to see much of them, but it’s a pretty hot scene that’s nicely finished with Brandon kissing her on the mouth after decorating it.

Chelsea Blue and her slave Gia start out the final sequence in a cage in front of Rocco and Taylor. Rocco fucks Gia’s ass with her horsey buttplug a little before Taylor smothers him with Chelsea’s ass and takes him into a back room where he’s collared, smothered, and slapped a bit. Rocco also gets to play with Gia’s clear buttplug before Taylor starts sucking his cock. The girls suffocate him, put clothespins on his nipples, blindfold him, and tease him before abandoning him blindfolded and alone. Rocco’s ‘rescued’ by BellaDonna, who immediately shoves her ass in his face for him to eat and so he can see the light at the end of the tunnel. She accepts his pleading to stay, and energetically sucks his cock before they’re interrupted by Taylor. All Rocco’s questions are answered and then some, before Bella frees him. Rocco gives her a good skull fucking as a thank you before fucking her from behind while Bella shows off her amazing back arch. He moves on to fuck her ass from behind and missionary style. Rocco takes a break to worship Bella’s ass before she rides him reverse cowgirl and regular cowgirl style with it. They finally finish things up with a little more anal missionary and a great facial. It’s about as perfect of a scene as you could think of to end the movie with. Everything in the movie feels like it’s leading to this scene, and Rocco and Bella doesn’t give the anticipation the least bit of a let down. Rocco and Bella seem to match perfectly in every way you can think of. This is an amazing scene to end an amazing movie with.

The Fashionistas is nothing short of amazing. Both the story and the sex nicely develop over the four hours and forty minutes, while neither seem neglected. They also seem to flow together nicely, with the plot building things up for the sex and the sex feeling like a continuation of things that have happened in the plot. The first half of the movie is a little heavier on plot than the second, much like the structure in Face Dance Part 1 and Face Dance Part 2, yet it meshes much better here and helps The Fashionistas to easily become the better movie.

Much of the credit for everything working as well as it did has to go to the cast. I can’t think of a single man that’s ever been in the adult industry who could play the role of Antonio as well as Rocco does here. He has the necessary arrogance for the role, as well as a screen presence that few men have ever come close to. Given Rocco’s normal dominance in scenes, the amount he’s dominated in the movie makes his performance seem all the better. I admit to having a little bit of a problem with Rocco becoming dominant in his scene with Taylor St. Clair at the end of the first DVD, but the more I think of it, the more I think it helps out the overall movie. Throughout the movie, Taylor attempts to be in control while letting Rocco think he is. Letting him appear in control for part of the sex scene feels like it could be nothing more than a continuation of this.

Rocco’s equally matched with Taylor St. Clair and BellaDonna on the opposite end. Taylor, a dominant in real life, plays her role with a tremendous amount of charisma. You can easily see how she manipulates those around her, as well as including enough small flaws that you can see why she’s also abandoned by the end of the movie. Her dominance of Rocco seems natural and easy, which really says something with Rocco’s presence, and about all that’s missing is for Taylor to fuck Rocco up the ass with a strap-on. Bella plays the reclusive and submissive computer geek who’s shell is cracked by Rocco just as well. In the commentary John says that he created Jesse’s character with Bella in mind, and it shows. She plays the submissive amazingly well throughout the movie, yet still manages to work in tenderness when she finally matches up with Rocco in the end.

None of the performances would matter if it wasn’t for John Stagliano’s vision and direction. Everything hits right on throughout the movie. There wasn’t a single instance I felt like I wanted a different camera angle, or a single scene that felt too long or short. Everything in the entire body of The Fashionistas seems very well thought out and natural.

This all works together to make The Fashionistas the best adult movie I’ve ever seen. Just over eleven years ago John Stagliano showed me that porn didn’t have to suck with Wild Goose Chase, his first foray into film. Not many adult movies, whether video or film, have been able to come too close or surpass Wild Goose Chase since then, but the standards have been raised even higher here. The Fashionistas merges mainstream movies and porn, letting each feel take over as it needs to. I had to spread the movie over three nights, yet I was drawn in to the point that I never wanted to stop it. The Fashionistas should be mandatory viewing for any true fan of the adult genre.