Month: August 2018

Getting Laid with STYLE

There are many people out there that are having sex with a lavish lifestyle. People love to add this lavishness to the sex, and they have made a new category that requires to have sex in stylish, fashionable clothes. This is really surreal to have sex in clothes that make it sexier to have the intercourse with your partner. There are many benefits and people even choose the BDSM style of sex which needs to role-play with these clothes.

More about BDSM and Lavish Sex

There are many types in BDSM again, and it requires you to play any role with your partner. However, this is so pleasures with some sex toys that you will use. It can be cruel sometimes when you tie your partner with the bed and then make them your bondage. That feels so good when you have hardcore sexual intercourse, and BDSM is something that is so satisfying with all the things that used in it.

1. BDSM is not new

This is true, and BDSM is not anything new, and it has been coming to us from years back. There were many studies done in time back when it was found that 50-55%of people love to do the role-play activities that make their sex more pleasurable. The people admitted that BDSM is too much pleasure than simple intercourse and you can get so many benefits in your relationship with it.

2. It Helps Improving Mental health

BDSM is really great and not only for pleasure but also for your brain. You get so many things that help you to improve your health, and all you need is an interesting role-play. Playing roles can help you improve your anxiety problems, and that can help you to cure your panic attacks also.

3. Healthy Relations with your Partner

The BDSM sex makes you more comfortable with your partner, and you can feel better around your partner. It is better to Have sex in stylish, fashionable clothes as it is more pleasures and sexy. This makes your relationship healthy with all the things that you will be doing. It enhances understanding and role-playing activity.

These fashionistas know every ‘Sex and the City’ outfit

A pair of fashionistas is cataloging every outfit ever worn on “Sex and the City” — from the fabulous to the faux pas.

Chelsea Fairless and pal Lauren Garroni have their work cut out for them — the HBO hit featured thousands of outfits throughout its six seasons.

So it’s no wonder that the two friends who met at the Parsons School of Design made the decision to launch “everyoutfitonsatc” on Instagram in June, after downing a few margaritas.

“Fashion is such a big part of the show and I always thought there was a website that should exist that cataloged everything,” Fairless, 31, a Big Apple based designer, told The Post. “But then I realized Instagram would make way more sense.”

So far, they’ve brought their snarky analysis to about 40 looks– one of the first one being Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes, slumming it in an unflattering pair of overalls and coat.

“Miranda’s iconic monochromatic overalls & puffer coat ensemble (S2 /EP1) #butch” they wrote.

Other get-ups include the “slutty Gingham vibes” shorts and crop top Samantha Jones, played by Kim Cattrall, wore in Season 4, as well as one of her Halloween costumes.

“When your look and personality are finally on-brand. This Jean Paul Gaultier dress was the best manifestation of Sam’s persona in outfit form. Also she was totally a Dominatrix before she become the PR Queen of New York, right?!” they wrote Sunday on Instagram.

They have so far steered clear from posting the more stylish looks from Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw, such as her famously worn John Galliano newspaper dress.

“It’s not about the most iconic outfits,” Garroni said. “It’s the B-side of the Sex and the City outfits.”

The two said they knew the Instagram account would have a fan base, but they never expected they’d get this popular so fast. So far it’s got 75,000 followers.

And they’re hoping some of the actors and especially the show’s costume designer, Patricia Field, will start following their Instagram.

“Patricia Field is the ultimate,” said Fairless, adding that, “Although we do critique the clothes, it comes from a place of deep, deep respect.”

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